Below we have compiled some photos for you..


All images on this internet site were photographed by us (family Melchior).
Much of it was done by our son Benny. Thank you Benny.

Other photos:

Many more pictures on Instagram: #rofflaschlucht and Roflaschlucht, Graubunden, Switzerland, thanks for upload.

Have fun!


Schlucht+Wasserfall I
Gorge/ waterfall I
Schlucht+Wasserfall II
Gorge/ waterfall III
Schlucht+Wasserfall III
Gorge/ waterfall III
Restaurant/ hotel
Seebrücke Rofflaschlucht
Umgebung/Berge I
Environment/ mountains I
Umgebung/Berge II
Environment/ mountains II
Umgebung/Berge III
Environment/ mountains III

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